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Over 15 years as the world leader in advanced football data, tools, & analysis

PFF challenges the status quo with uncompromised data, analysis, and easy-to-use products. We strive to help the sports industry gain a deeper understanding of the game, and to make better business decisions. PFF is relied upon by football teams, broadcast networks, media outlets, agencies, video game companies, sportsbetting & fantasy companies, and many other football-related businesses.

If your business needs football data and insights... you’ve come to the right place.

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Agency Solutions

The analytics edge that will set your agency apart

Dozens of agencies are already winning with PFF’s services. PFF breaks down and evaluates every player, on every play across the NFL, FBS, FCS, CFL, and UFL. We deliver insights from that data in powerful tools and reports that agents use across many aspects of their business, including: identifying and targeting the right prospects, securing them as clients, and managing their expectations. When it comes to contract negotiations, PFF plays an even bigger role - ensuring that agents are armed with the data to ensure their clients get comp they deserve. Agents representing coaches and GMs also use PFF’s agency solutions to gain an edge.

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Trent Williams player Wins above replacement
PFF Ultimate with view of cut up generator and playlink with abstract view of play diagram

Team Services

Let us do the heavy lifting

Over the past decade, PFF has truly changed the way football teams operate. We are a trusted partner for the NFL league office, all 32 NFL teams, all 134 FBS teams, 70 FCS teams and for professional leagues like the CFL, USFL and XFL. Our data and PFF Ultimate platform have transformed how organizations prepare for games, evaluate players, and make decisions. PFF’s  award-winning service team provides the tailored training, workflows, terminology translations, video system integration and customized reporting tools that save football teams save thousands of hours each year. Introduced in 2020, our PFF IQ product helps teams go even further into the world of analytics, by harnessing the power of data science, machine learning, computer vision and player tracking to make personnel and game planning decisions.

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Preparing broadcasts for the most-watched shows on TV

Every primetime NFL TV broadcast, is supported by PFF’s services in one form or the other. College TV broadcasts are rapidly following suit. NBC’s Emmy-winning Sunday Night Football franchise, has led the charge using PFF’s services to not only prep SNF analyst & PFF owner, Cris Collinsworth - but also to supports SNF’s research dept., studio programming, graphics team and VOD content.

With PFF Ultimate, our flagship data platform, broadcast analysts and their crews across all major networks are able to scout players and teams the same way all NFL teams do. PFF also goes to another level of custom analysis with ‘Primer’ reports and “Preview Packets” that identify key storylines, under-the-radar players, and schematic trends that fuel a more sophisticated and entertaining broadcast.

Whether you’re a major TV or Radio network broadcasting American football - or just a small media outlet covering a local team - PFF offers tools and services that will help you do your job more efficiently and generate cutting-edge content that will set you apart from your competition.

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Advertise with our unique audience

Help PFF continue to delight sports fans with intuitive data and analysis that increases confidence, knowledge, and fun.

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#1 Football data provider in the world

The most comprehensive football database in the world. PFF goes to an unmatched level of detail, capturing in-depth play data and anything quantifiable relating to player production. Our clients include sportsbooks, betting syndicates, video game studios, fantasy companies, financial service firms, & other vendors. PFF data is leveraged in a multitude of different ways.

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PFF FC data preview related to a scoring opportunity


Now changing the beautiful game, just as we did for the NFL

PFF FC is a technology company that builds data & analytics infrastructure for the world’s highest-performing organizations.

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