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As seen on Sunday Night Football

PFF prepares the top broadcast crews, media outlets, and publications each week of the NFL and College seasons.

Tee Higgens Sunday Night Football Graphic
Penn St vs Utah PFF primer service package slide

How the best prepare for the biggest games of the season

PFF’s Primer Service leverages the world’s most comprehensive American Football database and incorporates analysis from our Sr. Analysts that watch as much film as any professionals in the industry.

Production crews get ready using PFF graphics

Established in 2016, NBC among others have been leveraging PFF’s custom-built graphics each week of the year, which helps streamline. PFF has had a direct impact on the broadcasts for four Super Bowls since 2018.

Jamar Chase PFF Custom built graphic in 1-on-1 coverage
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answer any question about football

PFF Ultimate is used by the top broadcast networks to quickly find key plays and create cutups based on any inclination a broadcaster or production team has through weekly preparation and interviews.

Bengals vs rams super bowl LVI PFF x sunday night football

Impacting the broadcasts for 4 Super Bowls

PFF’s white glove service includes football analysis from the best in the industry, behind some of the biggest games of the season. PFF clients (NBC, Amazon, & others) are more prepared for broadcasts through individualized sessions covering more than the traditional analytics heading into a matchup.