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Arm your agency with the same data as all 32 NFL front offices

PFF’s agency partners help their clients find their market value through priming teams based on their past performance, predicting future performance, and valuing the position-specific market. The mission of PFF has been to innovate in the football industry, and our tools have helped empower agencies with the same data that all 32 NFL teams are utilizing.

Player Grades and war rankings

Common currency in contract negotiations

Trent Williams’ record-setting 2021 contract featured PFF’s new Wins Above Replacement (NFL) metric, which is specific to PFF and is now a common currency used by many NFL teams.  PFF has helped reset FOUR different position markets since 2021.

Trent Williams walking with helmet off and portrait shot with helmet on
Surtain photo and chart of grade climbing over

Preparing you & your clients

PFF’s recruiting reports differentiate you from other agencies and save you time in preparation during recruiting season.

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Identify players before they breakout & research the market

Get custom-tailored insight into which players are performing above and beyond expectation during the season from the PFF team’s data scientists and college scouts. Be the most knowledgeable in the room and invest smarter to see direct ROI on your time.