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PFF x Pro Quick Draw

12 March 2022

PFF and Pro Quick Draw enter 2022 partnership

PFF & Pro Quick Draw are proud to enter 2022 with a partnership that will advance the way coaches teach and the way players learn in American football. The two companies have integrated their programs to create a streamlined workflow for modern-day coaches which yields more efficiency and innovative coach-to-player education than ever before.

Í It was current NFL Tight End Coach, Andy Bischoff, who had pain points in his own work drawing playbooks and practice cards in Microsoft Visio and PowerPoint and saw a need for a more robust method. He founded PQD in 2018 developing a plug-in to the Microsoft suite of products. PQD has since become the #1 choice of playbook and practice card tools for the NFL and College Football.  The vision for PQD has focused on providing expedited workflow and added technology while not taking the users away from the comfort and consistency they know while using Microsoft Visio or PowerPoint as their foundation.

Launching in 2007, PFF gained majority interest from former NFL player and current NBC analyst Cris Collinsworth in 2014, and is now headquartered in Cincinnati. They provide the world’s most comprehensive set of data for every NFL, FBS, & FCS football game. PFF delivers data and data tools to all 32 NFL teams, 107 FBS teams, 4 FCS teams and 8 CFL teams. They’ve had a monumental impact on how coaches and personnel staff prepare for games and build their rosters.

“The advanced data and analytics movement in American Football is still very young, and over the past decade, PFF has been at the forefront of that movement,” says Bryan Hall, CRO of PFF. “While we have continued to innovate and provide new ways for teams to leverage our data – there’s no doubt that the football world is just beginning to scratch the surface of all the possibilities.  Integration partnerships with vendors like PQD, accelerate that data & analytics movement and deliver immediate added-value to our mutual clients.”

PQD currently provides playbook solutions and integrated services to 26 NFL teams, 47 FBS teams, 13 FCS teams, 5 CFL teams and 500-plus high school teams.

“This integration with PFF & PQD pushes the needle forward in combining the daily habits and workflow of coaching staff with data and analytics.  This joint product gives coaches the ability to create clean and organized material and provide critical content to players in a more visually-appealing format.” says Britt Bischoff, CXO of Pro Quick Draw. “What we are providing at PQD takes the game forward in a unique way and we’re breaking into a really exciting area of the Football and Technology industry by teaming up with PFF“.

The first reveal of the integration will be on display at the 100th Anniversary of the American Football Coaches Association Convention early January in San Antonio. The AFCA provides coaches at all levels the opportunity to get a first look at industry-leading content, products and technology. PQD will be showcasing an array of other exciting integrations with PFF, Catapult, GoArmy Edge & Learn to Win. PFF will be showing their web-based data modeling and visualization platform, along with their new analytics tool PFF IQ.

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