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Sports podcast awards voting - vote for pff nfl podcast featuring steve palazzolo and sam monson

11 January 2024

The PFF NFL Podcast competes for Best American Football Podcast

(Cincinnati, Ohio) — It all started 13 years ago when Sam Monson and Steve Palazzolo started a podcast discussing all 32 NFL teams. Today, Steve and Sam are competing for Best American Football Podcast at the 2024 Sports Podcast Awards.

About Sam Monson

Sam is PFF’s lead analyst and co-host of the PFF NFL Podcast. He was one of the first people at PFF, helping out as far back as 2008 and becoming only the second game analyst in the company. He moved to the Cincinnati headquarters in 2017 and has been one of the podcast’s hosts since its inception.

About Steve Palazzolo

Steve is a former minor league baseball player and joined PFF in 2011. He is currently the head of product for the football unit, overseeing products for every NFL and FBS team, as well as several FCS teams and spring leagues.


About PFF & The PFF NFL Podcast

Over the last 17 years, PFF has built the world’s most comprehensive football database, covering every player on every play of every game for the NFL, FBS and FCS. Its data and tools are trusted by all 32 NFL teams, 133 FBS teams, 64 FCS teams and professional leagues such as the CFL and UFL.

Sam and Steve have contributed tirelessly to the company’s success.

The PFF NFL Podcast previews and reviews every game of the season and breaks down statistical data and injuries, though there are also the entirely random tangents and deviations from the topic.

The PFF NFL Podcast has grown from nothing over the last several years, relying solely on word-of-mouth promotion and the unwavering dedication of its listener base without any advertising expenditure.

The show started to bring PFF stats, data and analysis to a wider audience and show people a more nuanced and detailed way to evaluate football than many hot-take shows taking over the landscape.

Along with delivering industry-leading analysis to their listener base, Sam and Steve have also successfully secured substantial five-figure donations for charity by incorporating charity drives, forfeits and challenges into the podcast.

Watch PFF’s Steve Palazzolo attempting to strike out Sam Monson for Charity. The money raised for this challenge went to Best Friends Animal Society. 

The PFF NFL Podcast has an active Discord channel with listeners and is listened to by industry stars. We hope to combine entertainment, fun and serious football analysis so there’s something for everybody.

The PFF NFL Podcast producers are Tyler Sovchik and Mike Quinn. Tyler and Mike have helped grow this podcast to what it is today.

Please visit our landing page for more information about PFF or the podcast inventory.

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